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Hawthorne Height read more. Posted by henvartro18 at PM No comments:. Click here for an explanation Traditionalists will hate me but I am less and less convinced that artforms are a particularly useful way to slice up the way that cultures are talked about or resourced in the world. The qualities that interest me are far more about the resonance of cultures, how they circulate and are shared and transmitted, and the potential audiences that they might appeal to.

In the festivals and programs Ive been involved with Ive observed read more. The festival runs until today Sunday August 3rd. Traditional Japanese music can someone tell me the name of this instrument? Different activities are available for children Fabulous Japanese glass beads called T read more. Event-Reviews :: RE: Off-Topic :: verkaufe vinyls dnb, alle sehr guter zustand Author: jay-j Subject: verkaufe vinyls dnb, alle sehr guter zustand Posted: Posted: Deutschland Parties, Events, Veranstaltungen Forum read more.

Hammer-Stimmung, vor allem drausen als es gesch"uttet hat wie Sau!! Gud Nacht!! Grote namen op Outdoor Stereo Festival E'en van de leukste en gezelligste dancefestivals van keert dit jaar weer terug. Als locatie is wederom voor het prachtige Julianapark gekozen dat een RaveLinks Forum read more. In the clubs early 90s heyday, the versatile Maricusa y Las Bermudas - Orquesta Aragon - La Ccubanisima Orquesta Aragon (CD) kept audiences going through spinning at Limelights Future Shock and at the clubs Rock And Roll Church.

His diverse appeal keeps him performing at all types of musical events and shared the stage with everyone from Hatebreed and Biohazard to Crys read more. It originated in Colombia in the primeval 19th century, when individual slaves arrived into what was a land body at the time.

The diversion also overturned into a entreaty ritual. Although originally understood with drums and claves, the penalization was presently Europeanised with guitars and accordians added. Apart from Colombia, Cumbia is also quite favour read more. So when talk turned to Red Sonja, the new Robert Rodriguez articulatio starring Rose McGowan, everybody just had to talk about her wardrobe.

Her fighting styles. Her striking red hair. Her vulnerability? Yes, it goes to the action, fighting for your life, fighting for freedom, blah, blah, blah, McGowan said at Co read more. Its Only A Mixtape Vol. ShareThis read more. Goldie presents Composed in by Goldie and engineered by Mark Caro Technical ItchSine Tempus was considered to be too dangerous for public consumption and was sealed in an underground vault to prevent infect read more.

Captain Hollywood - Intro. Captain Hollywood - Far Away. Captain Hollywood - Over And Over. Captain Hollywood - A Little Beat. Captain Hollywood - Waiting So Long. Captain Hollywood - Love And Pain. Captain H read more. August 8th th Amazing performances by the top Salsa bands in the Bay Area. August Summer Blowout Ive got twice the number ofartists thismonth that have killed it, so Im going to It Belongs To The World it down: Albums 1.

The results might top that effort with its reworkings of Santogold, dub, and sometimes the kitchen sink. Diplo knows how to throw a party. The Bug - London Zoo Digital ragga laced onto dubstep beats,this isthelong-awaited followup to The Bugs first read more. Snowboy and Latin Section - Bella Bella. Snowboy and Latin Section - Mambito.

Snowboy and Latin Section read more. Amandla trailer. I see a reality show on fox. Like dancing with stars meets Prison break meets Americas best dance crew meets Fear factor. Except when people get eliminated here you get shanked and the winner gets released. Camp Rocks newest superstar Disney comes out with some great things. I have no clue. Now, they have this show called Camp Rock thats sweeping over not only teenie boppers but also six year olds?

Ive never watched the show but apparently, this is the latest and greatest from Disney. They never cease to amaze me. Happy birthday, Keila and welcome to Cam read more. Venezuela has long been impacted by Afro-Arabian cultures but not until very recently has North America had the opportunity to witness the exciting mix. Venezuela Viva is a musical dance show you dont want to miss!

A fast-paced ride through Venezuelan history, this electrifying performance weaves together music and dance to transport the audience to the stunning Latin American country. From 15th century Spain to 21st century Venezuelan city life, the styles of flamenco and traditional read more.

Posted by henvartro18 at AM No comments:. All of the lunch-hour concerts, held between pm and pm from June through August, are free and open to the public. Concert attendees will be treated to a range of musical styles and performers - from Salsa and Reggae bands to Blues and Jazz soloists to Soul read more.

You can read all about Ari's life on his website, but here are some little known facts yo read more. Courting the Indian paryatak The new resurgence of India and the burgeoning of the great Indian middle class are phenomena that are written about ad nauseum. The gushing India-is-so-cool and the alarmist beware-India-is-arriving sections of the media, have both written about how the Indian consumer is fast becoming a force to reckon with. The more outlandish of these excited observations on India such as the concern that wealthy, hungry Indians are eating the world into a food crisis can be dismissed as ju read more.

Pete Heller-Timewarp. Take it, it's good for you! Kids receiving their daily dose of cod-liver oil from a teacher Kids used to be forced to take Cod Liver oil because experts said it was good for you. It has been described as having the intense and obnoxious odor of rotten fish and rancid oil. Sometimes I think connoisseur's are doing the same thing when they make the general public look at art they don't like.

They feel it is their responsibility to educate those whose tastes are not as advanced. In schools, galleries and museums I can a read more. Bumblebeez - Rio Boy 8-bit Remix Style of Eye - Girls Fairmont - Fade and Saturate Congorock - Runark Jokers of the Scene Remix Machines Dont Care - Afrojacker Dj Rob - The Chase Baobinga - State read more.

Tune into dnbtv. Doing an impromtu broadcast. Logam, Filcher and faderwars inside the ride Rave Links Forums Theres new country. Then there are the Dixie Chicks. Natalie Maines, Martie Seidel and Emily Robison have taken the Texas-bred sound of a fiddle, banjo, dobro and crystal-clear vocal harmonies into whole new territory.

They are the rare act that comes along a few times in a generation that is destined to shake things up, rewrite the rules and become the new musical trendsetters. The public has certainly noticed. Infuse feat' Alley Cat UK Carl, who played Loch Lomond, said: "I didn't get to see a lot of The beginner has to start with Idol worship. One can easily focus his devotion into the visible deity which in fact is merely a representative of the abstract Power Supreme God.

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Sympatico Photographic Print. By izzieanne. He was heavily involved in filk as a recording engineer and organizer, one of fandom's Hufflepuffs and a really nice guy. I'll miss him. And then there were the times it turned out to be a cricket that had snuck into the house Dave Harmon : The first time I heard a low-battery chirp, I thought it was a cricket.

For days, if not weeks. One particular problem with the chirps is that they're effectively non-directional, and intermittent enough to be really hard to trace. This strikes me as a really simple, elegant solution to the "which one is it? It would not be that hard to have the LED light stay on, or blink fast, etc. Back when I lived in NJ we'd have summer cricket infestations, occasionally leading to some getting into the house and entertaining the cat.

Guess how I found out that crickets can still move after they've had their little heads bitten off? Previous cat Mona took one apart, swallowed half, and then began to howl--she couldn't stand the tummy tickling. Out in the open, some kind of binaural device could narrow down the possible directions, and using it several times would triangulate the chirper.

I don't know how effective such a thing would be in general, unless it was sophisticated enough to map its environment thoroughly. The human ear and brainin general, does a very good job of all that, Joel. And with those particular beeps, it fails: so I would expect that it's a more difficult problem in this particular instance. Tom, I'm not so sure about that.

Part of the problem for a human trying to get the direction is that the chirps are very short, and at long enough intervals that it's very difficult to be ready to listen carefully -- there's a No Other Love - Various - Reggaes Finest Volume 1 (CD) issue.

An electronic device wouldn't have that limitation. I'm not sure either. But making the light stay on would probably be easier than designing the type of detector you want! NPR reports Snohomish County is responding to the opioid crisis as if it were a life-threatening natural disastersuch as a landslide. It reminded me of the excellent emergency-response posts that Jim Macdonald wrote on this site. Smoke detector user interface design is terrible, no question, but leaving the light on would run the battery down considerably more quickly — even with modern LEDs.

Since the battery is dying at this point, you'll get considerably less. Great for immediate resolution, but less ideal for the case of coming home after a few days away, unfortunately. There are things you can do to stretch this out more, but then we're back to being less obvious. It's probably possible to develop a device to localize intermittent smoke detector chirps.

I can actually think of a fairly simple design with a circle of microphones that might work, but it has drawbacks that I'd have to work through. Some modern vehicle reverse alarms actually use white noise or other frequency mixtures instead of a single beep, which are immediately locatable.

Including something like this in a smoke detector would cost more than the tenth of a cent or whatever it is that the little piezo buzzer costs, though, and being able to localize the sound doesn't particularly matter for an actual alarm.

I think it's the Nest smoke detectors that actually want to talk to you, which makes the feedback easy and obvious. Fun story. We were woken up by a low-battery beep a couple months ago.

Groggy and sleep deprived is always a fun way to play "hunt the intermittent beep". I thought it was the smoke detector, pulled it down and deactivated it. It was the carbon monoxide detector around the corner. One summer in the college dorm, a cricket managed to somehow get inside the window frame.

It was very happy there, and serenaded me with its chirping song at odd hours of the day or night. I, lacking the capacity to appreciate its elegant calls, was less than pleased, especially at night when I was trying to sleep.

TomB I am heartwarmed, and also annoyed that it took this long for someone in American government to do this. But mostly heartwarmed. Oh yeah! My startlingly glorious discovery that putting a pillow over my head willfor a miracle, actually block that out. Yeah: the pitch seems designed to be non-localizable, and the interval is just long enough to let your attention wander before the next one happens. I'm impressed that it took as little as a half an hour to find yours.

I live in a condo complex; our site manager has gotten to know me well. There was one night when some sort of alarm went off, and I wound up callingbecause it sounded like it might actually be alaruming about something. Beeeep Beeeep Beeeep. Beep Beep Beep. Not, as I'd feared, somebody's oxygen tank failing or something. Fire Dept was a little puzzled as to why I'd called Turns out they're not familiar with the Morse code for "SOS. As regards batteries in general, solar-power and hand-crank widgets are becoming more available.

I've bought a little solar-power emergency radio that lives in a clear box on my window sill. It also has a crank. I've actually got several little crankable led key-fob-sized flashlights. It's my understanding that LED power consumption has come down by some several order s of magnitude in the last twenty-thirty years.

Ya gotta wonder what the designers were thinking. It's like they came up with the most annoying, least useful option possible. Especially when you get them into dense housing circumstances. I mean, did these people ever actually test their design? TomB OMG, a blinding attack of good sense! I'll bet the casualty rates are not-incomparable. It seems to me that a good compromise between "keeps complaining for a long time" and "being able to find the damn thing at 3 a. For, say, 48 hours, I Zimbra - Talking Heads - Fear Of Music (Vinyl, LP, Album) it do 3 chirps at 1-second intervals, wait 28 seconds, repeat.

After that, increase the delay times and decrease the number of chirps. Tom WhitmoreYep. Having grown up with a hearing impairment, I am quite good at localizing sounds by way of compensation and self-defense. But those dang beeps consistently foil me. Aside from the brevity, I'm not sure there isn't some oddity to their waveform that interferes with stereolocation.

If the battery's got enough oomph to make the annoying beep, it's got enough to keep an LED lit full time or half-time on a fast blink. Friends of mine were hearing a faint beep occasionally. Eventually they looked in the attack, in a box with random other stuff, and found the smoke detector they'd taken out when they'd gotten a wired system installed.

Their something kid was out late the night they found it, so the mom decided to be a Bad Mom and stuck it under his bed. I wonder if you could make a smoke detector pop a little mechanical switch when it first began a low battery warning. I'm visualizing something like the indicator when a turkey is done, although it would have to be something that could be easily reset when you replaced the battery. But then you could get a visual cue to which device without an ongoing power draw.

Years ago when we were in a rental house, the smoke detector low-battery went off, as they do, at 3 AM. We took it down and removed the battery. I was holding it while my wife went in search of the replacement batteries since the time between replacements is always just long enough to forget where we put them when it emitted a full-volume, ear-piercing shriek. Damn thing had a capacitor.

I nearly threw it out the window. Still at 3 AM, but easier to track down. A few years ago one of the smoke alarms decided to go nuts, was replaced, and the offending old one was removed to the garage, sans battery. Turned out that my dear spouse, nicknamed "Mr Infrastructure", had put the battery back in to prove but only to himself a point about something or the other, and had then neglected to re-disassemble it. Since I couldn't seem to get the battery back out again perhaps because noise I consigned it to the furthest end of the back garden, where I'm sure it entertained everyone on the alley for the entire afternoon.

OtterB: Problem is, moving parts take much more energy than electronic bits. I like the idea of an LED that turns on and stays on. I'd happily trade reduced power margin for certainty and findability any day. I've run into that. One of our hallway smoke detectors would not shut the F up.

I finally took it down the office and let them deal with it. After trying to throw it in the trash; I could still hear it, through the dumpster, across the parking lot, and through my walls. Jacque - The flag thing could be done with a spring-loaded flag in a slot, locked in place by a pin that can be withdrawn by a quick current pulse.

Kind of like a jack-in-the-box. It wouldn't take much energy for that, as long as the detector "budgets" for that amount as it runs out of power. My smoke detectors all of them; my apartment is small used to go off every time I cooked onions. Taking the batteries out didn't stop them, either. So I put them in the freezer the most soundproof place I could find.

After going through this bullshit several times, I just never put them back up. If there's a fire in my apartment, I will die. I've heard of people putting onions in the freezer, but I have never heard of people taking the batteries out of their onions before they chop them. This modern era is just a constant mystery to me. The world-wide web. The Internet of things. Battery-operated onions. Remote-controlled dentures. Pop-tarts equipped with digital calculators, so that they can be fruit-filled and multiply.

Michael Roberts, Welcome back! I don't think I was posting here ten years ago, so, Hello! Do you write poetry, by any chance? Better yet, place it on the alley corner, where the next garbage truck to come along would be guaranteed to smush it; they all have poor driving skills. The Big Old House! We moved into that inso you're right, it hasn't been ten years yet.

Oy, was that place a mistake the house, not Facebook, although Facebook too. I loved, loved, loved the house, but its situation within urban blight in a city of just 22, was daunting. Eventually I realized that I would have to renovate not only the house but the town to have a reasonable life there, and my wife wanted nothing of that project.

So we moved to Budapest in my wife being Hungarian and got stuck there for nearly four years. Our daughter went to college there, our son got into a good high school and a very good music school - but my wife hated it, possibly even worse than Richmond. So in we came back to Puerto Rico, with the objective of looking into automation in the coffee growing industry. In May of we bought a farm with two houses on it - and in September of Maria took both roofs off.

Fortunately we were still renting down in Ponce on the coast. The year since then has been one of retrenchment. Built a new roof on the farm and we'll be moving in up there at the end of the year we need to repurpose the rent money now that our son is off to 09:20pm Car Ride - Toucaen - Once Somebodys Baby Boy (CD State. Those Fluorospherians 09:20pm Car Ride - Toucaen - Once Somebodys Baby Boy (CD hooked up with on Facebook have followed the roof saga with some interest!

But you know, Facebook is sucking more and more, and I ran across an old project idea that linked back here to which is why I thought it had been ten yearsand I thought, man, I should really get out of the walled garden and back into the old-skool blogosphere.

Cassie B no, I'm sadly apoetical. The proud product of the Indiana public school system, although I've improved some in the intervening years. Micheal: Sorry the big house's neighborhood doomed big house residency. It looked like an amazing place. So many questions about "why?

I'm sure everyone has heard about Arisia's shameful handling of the rapists and harassers on its concom; File is rounding up responses day by day.

Oct 31 roundup on File One of the latest is an apology from Cody Lazri, who has been on staff at Arisia. Lazri's Dreamwidth post. Cody has several links to people speaking up about people associated with Arisia who have harmed them. One of them is a post from Commodorified, who reports being raped by Terry Karney in Commodorified's post, which says it is OK to link.

Note: Commodorified does not use the word rape; the situation described is one where there was consent to have sex with a condom, and Terry nonconsensually did not use a condom. I have used the word rape as it is my understanding that this falls within the definition of rape by deception, but if I am wrong, please note that that is my mistake, not Commodorified's.

I will be taking a break from reading ML for a while so I will not see any replies to this post. If you need a unicorn chaser. Without commenting on the merits of the original claim, I find it hard to believe in the good intentions of someone who uses the nym Sockpuppet and who drops a grenade and runs.

It can be scary to post something like that in a community that matters to you. I wouldn't have used 'Sockpuppet', but I definitely would have used an anonymous name. For what it's worth, and without my taking any position on this matter, Terry disputes the events described. I try to practice "See Something, Say Something. So, with the recognition that this may come back to haunt me:.

Until I learn something that gives me to doubt the character I've seen Terry display here, I stand with Terry. A few weeks after I moved into my partner's basement flat in Bristol we noticed a Beep.

It was a very faint Beep, and seemed to come from the telephone connection box behind the bed. We decided it was a Beep Creature, and that it was benevolent. It was telling us that its battery was dying. I wish that Apple would include an audible alarm telling me that my macBook's battery was about to expire.

I never seem to be looking at the right top right in fact part of the screen at the right time. This is a terribly sad situation.

When a relationship ends badly, one of the things lost is the feeling that the other person is someone good that you wanted to be with. Was it true that they were as wonderful as they seemed to be? Probably not. Is it true now that they are as evil as they seem to be? When people screw up badly, consensus reality fractures along with the relationships. It is a lot easier to rationalize and deny than to admit guilt, even to one's self.

And it is a lot easier to fall into suspicion and fear than to continue to extend trust. It's all too understandable. All conventions should have a code of conduct. Ideally the code prevents bad behavior in the first place. If there is a convention incident response team and it can handle a violation satisfactorily, good. But when an incident is escalated to the internet, it doesn't seem to go well. Without much information, it is easier to fall into denial, on one side, or fear, on the other.

Consensus reality fractures some more. It seems inevitable that grievances from failed fannish relationships would end up being aired on the internet as convention code of conduct violations. I feel sorry for all the people involved. I don't have much hope it will work out well. I know the mods are all very busy with life, but I am hoping we might be able to have the traditional Armistice Day thread on November 11, which is after all the th anniversary of the original armistice.

Rather than a mechanical flag, two or three colour LED and a bit of logic which costs less than buggerall these days to declare the battery state. Green: Detector is fine, battery state OK. Yellow: Detector is fine, battery voltage is low, change it soon. Red plus chirp: change the battery NOW, dammit. There's not enough juice left to reliably run the alarm for the required time. TomB, it doesn't seem inevitable to me, nor do most of the accounts I've read seem to be, "Welp, relationship ended, time to ruin lives, let's cause drama with the best available tool, convention codes of conduct!

Yeah, it sucks to be living in this environment, and boy do I wish we didn't. But it's worse for everyone to be living in the environment we had before, where there were few to no protections or codes of conduct and the best one could expect was basically what we're getting now with no chance for better.

So it sucks to deal with reports and conflicting information and deciding things and working on both a personal and a professional and institutional level.

We're supposed to be better. We can deal. Diatryma: I completely agree the codes of conduct are making things better. I guess what I would say is they are vitally necessary but not sufficient. I don't think anyone causes drama intentionally.

From their point of view, someone was wronged, the system is failing, and something must be done. They might be right about that. They should be taken seriously.

Hey, my husband pointed something out recently. When my family two adults one of whom does not do gore or torture, a tween, a teen, and a primary student settles down to watch TV together, it's either PBS science documentaries or classic series. He's having a hard time finding anything more recent that can be watched by ages 8 through 48 without 8 having bad dreams or 48 wincing at the tweeness or stupid bathroom humor.

And even if the adult stuff isn't gory, raunchy, or rapey, it's depressing or cynical! I'm hoping that somebody out there has a recommendation we haven't tried--? Babylon Album), unfortunately, didn't engage their interest, although Husband and I enjoyed it all over again. Especially because it took most of two days to get the mew machine to recognize it's connected to the internet.

Win10 - what can you say? On chirping alarms: Light would be better than trying to do it directionally by sound. It's almost impossible to locate a cricket as a noise source, indoors or out, not helped by them going silent when you get close. It was bad enough when it was one smoke alarm in a small house! Jacque 'Until I learn something that gives me to doubt the character I've seen Terry display here, I stand with Terry.

Well, the first two seasons. The third is Also, there's seventeen seasons of Stargate out there, not counting the original movies and a few from the series'. I'm finding it depressingly difficult to come up with other recommendations that fill your specs. Why some people hate Jews and Asian-Americans. This would explain a lot about the extra misogyny aimed at competent women, too. I'm not much of a TV watcher, however I'll try to give it a shot with things I've enjoyed over the last few years.

I haven't seen any episodes of the very newest show yet, but I've heard good things. Mythbusters isn't necessarily as readily available as I'd like for watching on your own schedule although I've managed this for me ; the White Rabbit Project is on Netflix. If it weren't for the youngest, I'd recommend Death in Paradise. Cozy murder mystery show set on a fictional Caribbean island.

Extremely formulaic, but fun and lighthearted despite the murder that 09:20pm Car Ride - Toucaen - Once Somebodys Baby Boy (CD off every episode. The narration might fall a little too much on the silly side for the more adult members of your family, but my husband and I enjoyed it. Available on Netflix. On alarms: My wife's old phone would beep, rather loudly, when she had a missed call - but only once every minute or so, making it very difficult even to discover what room the beeping was coming from, let alone why in the world it was happening.

Jenny Islander Star versus the Forces of Evil - seriously. It starts out Disney, then blows your mind, then just keeps right on blowing your mind. I binged it straight through this summer on my daughter's recommendation, and I nearly lost a client to it.

It was that good. They keep doing these little throwaway jokes - but then they don't throw them away. They just follow the logic through, mercilessly. It is a fantastic show for all ages. KeithS My wife dotes on Death in Paradise.

Since we live on a non-fictional Caribbean island, she likes it even more. The boy got into a good music school, then a good high school; the girl got into her mother's alma mater in theoretical physics; I didn't have to drive anybody anywhere - and my wife's family turned out to be bigger jerks than any of us had ever anticipated, and she fell into a deep clinical depression.

Frex, influenza is represented as zombie-possession hats. None of these dying battery suggestions would have helped us when we had totally forgotten that we put a smoke detector in the garage.

I was not close enough at the time to hear exactly what was going on — just that there was a very bad breakup — but it was bad enough that I noticed something was wrong and asked what. Not common for me. I did not ask any further questions; they did not further illuminate the subject. There are some things that I do feel confident saying, though. I do not eliminate the chance of a misunderstanding or mistake on one or both sides. Two, when there are distressing events, we might not process them for some time, or label behaviours as what we eventually call them.

Third, people behave differently in their closest relationships and in the bedroom than they do outside. Jacque I hit post slightly too soon. You said that in your experience Terry is good people. What I wanted to say was Kingston - Courtney Pine - Closer To Home (Cassette, Album) in mine, so is Commodorified.

Relationships are hard, people make mistakes, and sometimes we hurt the people we love more than we know until much later. Bodhisvaha: As I learned too well from my mother, it's not impossible for both to be true—at least until somebody comes up with some sort of "objective" data.

Bodhisvaha -- With respect, I don't think "we had agreed to have sex only with condoms, but he did it without a condom anyway despite my wishes" and "she demanded that we have sex way more frequently than I was comfortable with without condoms, even though I would have preferred otherwise, because she desperately wanted to become pregnant" can be attributed to a mistake or misunderstanding.

I don't like it as much as "Star Wars Rebels," if only because the lead character comes across as a real doofus, and the supporting characters aren't as diverse or interesting as in "Rebels. Continuing on the subtitled anime theme: there's a lot of good stuff on Crunchyroll and some real crap. It really is an "all-ages" show. Second or third the recommendation for My Hero Academia - also, it's been dubbed.

Another anime that's pretty fantastic is Haikyuu - but it's pretty talky for an 8-year-old maybe. Depends on the 8-year-old really. Joel Polowin I don't think [position A vs position B] can be attributed to a mistake or misunderstanding. No, but it might well be down to a difference in each person's experience of the incident.

I lost track of the number of times I clashed over this with my mother. This says nothing, however, of which position is closer to what actually happened.

Which is why documentation is so important. Understanding is a three-edged sword. The three edges: your side, my side, and the truth in between. JacqueTerry and Merav describe ongoing pressure over an entire month, to have daily-or-more-frequent sex without condoms. Marna describes a single event of sex without a condom, without her consent. I don't think the two descriptions can be plausibly attributed to the same set of events.

Different experiences of events, different interpretations, are of course possible, but these are just too different for that. At least one must be false to fact. At least more so than when I was in the middle of them. I should give some context.

Merav and I have been friends for many years. Marna is local to me, and we have been acquaintances for quite a while; she and I share a number of social contacts of varying degrees of closeness. I'm fairly sure of the facts of the case, given other information that I have, but I'm still trying to figure out what to do. If I take any public stand, I'm going to get bitten I'm not poly.

I don't get poly. Many of my friends are poly, and I try to accept it. I 09:20pm Car Ride - Toucaen - Once Somebodys Baby Boy (CD to some poly-community social events, in part to get used to that social environment. In general, what people do -- Poly Stuff -- is none of my business.

But this particular case, where people whom I know have harmed other people whom I know, is my business. My is mostly because I'd seen mention somewhere that, in that moment, people seemed to be backing away from Terry and I didn't want to be one of those. I've tried poly. I like the idea in principle. But my experience and observation leads me to think that the human race has considerable evolving to do before it really becomes a viable option.

Colorado elects the country's first openly gay governor. I recall having read about such an instance of "a lovely way to be woken up" going sour, a few years ago -- a first-person fiction piece, I think. Jacque My understanding is that poly is basically the level course in Love. Not everybody can hack it -- for myself, while I don't have any moral objections to the idea, I'm pretty sure that my temperament and social limits would rule out anything too fancy.

As far as the social situation with Terry It's a nasty situation, and this sort of thing can often force communities to split. The accuser here is claiming a single incident from nearly 10 years ago, presented in isolation Meanwhile, Terry and his wife are talking about a much lengthier and messier course of events with a lot more context, and I find their account much more plausible. There's also their claim to have chat logs supporting their account. I'm well aware that I'm not directly involved in the conflict thank Ghubut my own inclination Everything Happens To Me - Fred Griffin - Intimate Strangers (CD, Album) to believe Terry and especially his wife's account.

Dave: Yes, exactly. I haven't had the spoons to deconstruct my thinking in any detail, but yours parallels mine very closely. I've been mulling over whether or what to write about all this, and here Dave has come along and I can just say "This".

Thanks, Dave. I've been puzzling over this for days -- Dave, thank you for clarifying, it chimes with my perception of Terry from his writings here. I'm sorry for everyone involved in this, and wish for them a solution that gives all of them peace. I'm trying to be conscientious about not automatically believing the party who presents their case in a more articulate way.

Jenny Islander I highly recommend The Flash! The relationship dynamics among anyone associated with the main cast are really healthy, conflicts are handled in fairly emotionally intelligent ways, the plots are decent, violence and fights are ungory, and they actually don't go laughably bad on time travel.

Male-male familial and family bonds are allowed to be emotional and vulnerable, which keeps shocking me. I wish it didn't. I wish other shows did it all the time. Legends of Tomorrow spins off of all of them and uses a lot of Flash-generated charactersand is a bit darker than Flash but still not gory. Wait—I thought she was a toddler! Six years ago. David Mantel was someone I've known for a long time-- he did a tremendous amount to get my stuff organized when I moved to Philadelphia.

It is with a very saddened heart that I write these words, to let you know that we have lost another fannish friend this day. David Mantel was found in his house this afternoon by his girlfriend. Irene Teodoro She called me to tell me the terrible news, and when I asked what I could do to help, she asked me to help her get the word out to the fannish community.

Dave and I had been friends for over 20 years. He was always happy to hear from me and to spend time together. He was so generous with his love, Heaven In My Hands - Various - Rock Ballads (CD) time, his knowledge, and his money for friends in need of those things.

It is such a shock, because although he had suffered for years from Lyme Disease, he seemed to otherwise be in fair health, and the last time I spoke with him, just a few days ago, he was getting over the effects of some gasoline poisoning from laying on the ground to, of course, fix a car, not realizing that he was absorbing a previous gas spill into his body through his skin.

He told me he was feeling much better, and that he planned to at least possibly attend Chessiecon in Baltimore on Thanksgiving weekend. He came down to my home, spent many hours inspecting the car, explaining to me as he went what he was doing and what was bogus about Mercgat's estimate - just about all of it.

I am still in shock. Irene said that an autopsy will be performed, although I don't know under Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name (Vinyl) auspices it will be done. The only living relative of Dave's is his sister. I don't know her contact information but I imagine that Irene does.

More as I learn it. Rest in peace, Dave. Elliott Mason I've been watching Flash since the beginning and love it, but I am compelled to respond to your "not laughably bad on time travel" with the phrase "time remnant". Doesn't work. David Goldfarb Haven't watched the show, but my understanding is that timelines are in play throughout the Marvel Universe multiverse.

I could imagine a timebending speedster pulling a close alternate into their wake. Nancy Lebovitz Bringing Back What's Stolen. It was a hard week. We had a friend die, there was the synagogue shooting and my wife has friends who Cruisin - Jefferson Starship - Spitfire (Vinyl, LP, Album) attenders at congregations which meet there.

I have thoughts, but the meta issues are now difficult to talk about, because the personal aspects contaminate it. The worst part was the time between someone telling us it was out there because we cut all ties about eight years ago right now and getting our statements written.

Having said my piece I can go back to saying what I feel like, without second guessing how it reads. The Great War, ninety years on. I just love their enthusiasm and persistence here. Also, it's surprisingly hard to hit a 3m trampoline from m up -- there's clearly a fair bit of turbulence near the dam face.

On this hundredth anniversary of the armistice, I recall Dave Luckett's poem about the true veteran's memorial, posted here in

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  3. Information:Dance music. Friday, August 8, Randy Jackson Presents Americas Best Dance Crew S02E ALBUM REVIEW: The Chemical Brothers 'Brotherhood' out 8 September on Virgin At First glance one may be dissapointed to hear that this is a 'best of' album. I was because I already own a sizeable chunk of the Chemical Brothers back catologue.
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    ABC Music Presents: There's More to ABC Music: Record Label: African Spirit: The Soweto Gospel Choir: Record Label: Airplay, Vol. 9: Record Label: Angel Baby .
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